Conditions of use

Whakapā mai

Conditions of use


Conditions of Use

1. All bookings for Te Kūiti Pā are to be made at all times through Shannon Manawaiti, by contacting 022 129 5891 or


2. Tangihanga will take priority over all confirmed or unconfirmed bookings.

3. The hirer may be asked to vacate the Pā early to accommodate a tangihanga.

4. All booking except tangihanga are to be confirmed in writing.

5. The booking form will be emailed to you when you book the Pā . The form needs to be completed and signed by the person who  is booking the Pā grounds by the hirer


  • Health and safety applies at all times

  • Those who are cooking and preparing kai must adhere to health and hygiene regulations.

  • Remember to have clean hands when handling food or wear gloves.

  • Keep cooking area and facilities clean and tidy at all times. Same applies to the Dining Room, including floors in both kitchen, dining room, back room, toilets and shed.

  • Keep dishes cleaned, dried and packed in pre-organised places.

  • Washing machine and dryer in kitchen are only to be used for washing tea towels and table clothes.

  • Breakages are to be noted and reported to the Committee for replacement purposes.

Vacating Premises

  • All areas, toilets, and facilities are to be left clean and tidy (inside and outside.

  • All rubbish must be taken away, bins emptied and washed.

  • Take away all food and liquids


  • Fridges, chillers, benches, tables, stoves, floors, cooking areas, cupboards, all utensils and facilities. Empty pig scraps and leave containers clean.

  • Use the floor polisher to buff floors.


  • Linen and mattresses are stored in the mattress room and need to be returned.

  • Ensure the heaters inside the Wharenui are turned off when no-one is inside or when not needed.

  • Ensure the Wharenui is kept clean and tidy throughout the use of the Pā.

Mattress Room

    • The mattress room is strictly out of bounds from tamariki and needs to be kept clean and tidy.

    • Sheets and pillowcases that are used during your stay are to be washed, dried and packed back into the cupboards inside the mattress room.

    • Stack mattresses back into the room neatly.


    • Basins, toilets and floors are to be kept clean and tidy at all times.

    • Empty rubbish bins.

Please note:  All bookings are bound by the ‘Use of Pā and Bookings’ Policy.  The Trustees also reserve the right to decline a booking.